Another take on Adobe product...

Windows needs a built-in PDF viewer, argues researcher (Source:

The idea sounds good to me, if I assume that windows products created by Microsoft are always bug free. However, this assumption is baseless and hence my opinion expressed in the last line is probably flawed. Every software is created by a human in front of a computer. "Known is a drop, unknown is an ocean (Source: unknown) " and hence I do not expect a software developer (whether from Adobe or Microsoft) to create a flawless/secure software.

Asking Microsoft to create a built in pdf reader with windows, for creating a secure computing environment, indirectly undermines the capabilities or effort put forth by Adobe. There are numerous pdf editors and softwares  available in the market. Adobe must probably put more effort to ensure that it produces more secure softwares. However, according to me, a reader by Microsoft is definitely not the fool proof solution.

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