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iOS Credential Leakage

Now that iOS 5 has released and Apple CLAIMS to have fixed the issue, I believe its time for a full disclosure...

What Users/Enterprises MUST know:
I had reported a security vulnerability with iOS 4 implementation to Apple in OCT 2011. This vulnerability allows an attacker with physical possession of an iOS device or an attacker with the ability to remotely jailbreak a device to retrieve the victims EXCHANGE/Account (email or exchange account) credentials (username + password) in clear text.
Hence, if an iOS 4 device is lost/unwillingly jailbroken, immediate steps MUST be taken to ensure that the users credentials are RESET or account locked. Remote administration options like Remote Wipe/Lock/Locate are not effective as an attacker can easily bypass or block remote administration options.
This issue has been partially addressed and fixed by Apple in iOS 5. New changes in iOS 5 ensures that the credentials on an iOS device remain secure if a device is lost/stolen. However, the risk of le…